There is so much to see and do in the Drakensberg and the area surrounding the Treks, Trips and Trails property. That is why we’re catching up with our different guests to find out from them just how they love to spend their days in the Drakensberg. The foodie took us to hidden bakeries and quirky pubs while the adrenaline-junkie scootoured down mountainsides and quad biked in the valley.

In this blog, we catch up with the hiker and discover the side of the Drakensberg that draws people from near and far. Join us as we venture up and into those magnificent mountains!


Hiking the Drakensberg

The hiker’s day always starts early, especially if visiting the Drakensberg in summer. In midday, in the summer the heat can be scorching so its important to get most of the work out of the way before the sun takes its full hold. Thankfully both Bahati and Bergvlei Cottage at Treks, Trips and Trails come with their own fully equipped kitchen so I can make my breakfast as bird song welcomes dawn in the Drakensberg. Then its time to pack some waters, snacks for the journey and put on my good shoes and hit the mountains.


Central Drakensberg Hiking Trails

Monk’s Cowl Reserve forms the starting point for many of the hikes in the Drakensberg and is where I start my day. A nominal fee gets me through the gate and then there a number of different hikes to choose from. If I don’t have a lot of time and want a gentler pace I head for Sterkspruit Falls. This trail takes between one to two hours and along the way I find many fresh river pools where I can enjoy a morning swim.


The Sterkspruit Falls also links to Nandies Falls is I want to continue my route and add a few more hours to journey. Alternatively, I head out for a solid six hours along to the top of Little Berg and down the contour path. Either way, I am done by early afternoon and can settle down and enjoy lunch back in the valley, looking back at the mountain that I just traversed.


An Afternoon Stroll in the Drakensberg

Having done a fair bit of hiking in the morning, I tend to take it easy in the afternoon. That is why I head to the Drakensberg Sun resort and venture off behind their timeshare units on the Blue Grotto trail. This pretty route allows me to appreciate the trees, waterfalls and pools while enjoying a different side of the Drakensberg. Offering an easy, well-walked trail through the indigenous forest, it is the perfect way to wind down my day in the Drakensberg.


I end my walk with a drink at the bar and head back to my cottage at Treks, Trips and Trails just in time to catch the sunset!

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