Here at Treks, Trips and Trails, we meet guests from all works of life. Some come to Drakensberg for the hikes and the mountains, others for the off-roading and adventure, and others still for a spot of rest and relaxation. Join us as we join our travellers to discover what their perfect day in the Drakensberg looks like – starting with the foodie!

“When people come to South Africa for the food, they typically flock to Cape Town for its award-winning restaurants and glorious wine routes. But the Drakensberg is one of those places that delights in its sheer simplicity. Here homegrown, organic grub is matched only by the most majestic of mountain backdrops. This is what my perfect day in the Drakensberg looks like:”


A relaxed breakfast in the Berg

Sunrises over the Drakensberg mountains are simply the best. And while getting up with the birds may be on the hiker’s agenda, I would much rather take it slow. In the Treks, Trips and Trails garden, a magnificent deck overlooks the dam and is the perfect place to nestle down with a coffee and rusk and welcome in a new day. As the accommodation here is self-catering I can enjoy a lazy morning whipping up a storm in the kitchen – nothing screams holiday louder than fresh bacon and eggs in the morning!


Time to tuck in

After breakfast, the rest of the morning is best spent exploring the many delis and farmstalls located close to the Treks, Trips and Trails property. The Thokozisa Lifestyle Centre is a great place to start with its deli and wine shop. From there it’s off to Scrumpy Jack’s farmstall for some farm-fresh honey and even a naughty little slice of honeybaked cheesecake! Finally, we visit Valley Bakery where the smell of freshly baked goodies wafts up from the country cottage. One of their delicious salads or homemade pies is enjoyed in the rose hewn garden with a great view of the mountains.


Off for a drink

Thoroughly stuffed, it’s off for a drink at one of the quirkiest bars in the Berg. Situated on the Four Rivers Adventures property, Rusty’s Pub features a bar made from a vintage car! This is a fantastic place to wind down the day with a cold one, marvelling as the sky goes from blue to orange, or watch the rugby on the big screen.


The grand finale

As darkness sets and the day comes to an end, the Drakensberg Sun hotel provides the perfect setting for dinner. Every Saturday, the hotel hosts a delicious buffet dinner with a wide range of spreads. From fish through to curries, braaied meat and a dessert table that spans a good stretch of the dining room, it is food heaven!

And when all is said and done, its time to retire to Treks, Trips and Trails for a final nightcap and a comfortable bed! A day well spent!