Last month we explored our lovely Drakensberg valley through the eyes of the foodie, discovering the very best bakeries, farm stalls and dining venues around (if you missed it catch up on our blog on Drakensberg for foodies here).

This month we discover our backyard through the eyes of a very different traveller – the adrenaline junkie. Discover what the perfect adventure-packed day looks like in the Drakensberg:


“The magnificent mountains of the Drakensberg and the sprawling wildlands that make up this part of KwaZulu Natal, mean that there is adventure around every corner. In fact, there is so much to do in the Drakensberg that it’s impossible to fit it all into just one day, but here are a few of my favourite things to do within easy reach of the Treks, Trips and Trails accommodation:”

A morning of adventure

I find that if I want to make the most of my day in the Drakensberg, then its necessary to be up and at ’em early. One of the best experiences for adrenaline-junkies like me is a 4×4 trail to discover some of the remote mountain passes and hidden routes this region of South Africa has to offer. However as these can take a good few hours to complete, its necessary to start early! Treks, Trips and Trails owner, Chris, is an accomplished 4x4er and knows the routes well so I highly recommend a guided tour with him if you don’t want to get lost (or stuck)!


If a 4×4 tour isn’t your thing or you don’t have that much time, then welcoming in the day on the mountain is the next best option. Many people come to the Drakensberg for its beautiful hiking trails but I find that a better way to get up close and personal with these rocks is to abseil. Nothing wakes you up quite like stepping off the back of a mountain and jumping down a cliff!

E-biking or Scootouring the Berg

After a morning of thrills, I like to wind down slightly with a more gentle cruise that really allows me to take in the beautiful vistas the Drakensberg offers. However, I still want to get a little bit of adrenaline going! So I head down to the Scootours centre where I have the choice of doing a scooter or e-bike tour of the valley.


With the peaks of the Berg forming the perfect backdrop, I enjoy careening down the mountainside on a single track, picking up speed and bouncing over rocks as I discover forests, wide-open plains and rocky hillsides. A laugh a minute, this activity is made even better because its one I can easily enjoy with my family and partner!

Sunset quad bikes and ziplines

To end off my adrenaline-induced day in the Drakensberg, I head to Four Rivers Adventures for a final adventure. Here I discover a different side to the Drakensberg with a quad bike tour through Acacia-filled fields and a local township, before heading back to base to throw myself down a 300metre zipline as the sun tips behind those magical mountains!


A day well spent exploring the best adventure activities the Drakensberg has to offer!