As this crazy 2020 draws to an end with the latest sting in its tail called ‘variant’ – a word most people had never used before a couple of weeks ago – we at Treks, Trips & Trails ponder the past nine months. We remember with appreciation and thanks some of the individuals that have made our journey more bearable, especially family and friends. While applauding the role the main players have contributed, there were thousands of unsung heroes and heroines that made a positive difference to ensure we have arrived at the later end of December somewhat battered, but intact.

We all know how hard our industry was hit, however having the likes of Natalia de Rosa’s calm, common-sense attitude, and sense of humour guiding us through our first ‘baby steps’ in the realms of ‘Zoom’ was really enlightening, and together with the relentless pushing and prodding at government by Tshifhiwa Tshivhengwa, the CEO of the Tourism Business Council of South Africa, our survival was assured. Then there were the various radio personalities including Derek Gardener doing his Brekfis programme on Radio Sonder Grense every Saturday morning. We even became fans of various radio theatre programmes. The TV had become a stuck record repeating over and over again on all channels with everyone trying to outdo each other as to how many times they could say the words ‘covid 19’ for the duration of the interview. It must be said that in 2020, the best feature on all electronics is the ‘off’ button!

However, our greatest appreciation and sincere thanks go to the people that supported our voucher initiative early on during lockdown and all the wonderful guests that have visited us since travel has been possible. Treks, Trips & Trails is fortunate to be situated in one of the most picturesque regions of South Africa, but we still need the support of guests willing and able to travel. To you, we are truly grateful and look forward to seeing you again, as well as many more of you in 2021 by which time we are hopeful that our woes of 2020 will be a thing of the past.

To everyone reading this, we wish you all a wonderful festive season and an immensely improved 2021.

Chris and Magda at Treks, Trips, and Trails.