When one starts day dreaming of a getaway to the Drakensberg a few things spring to mind. Hiking in beautiful national parks, exquisite mountain backdrops framed by the setting sun, glorious golfing at some of South Africa’s best courses and just relaxing in one of the world’s most beautiful spots… But if all that doesn’t quite get your engine revving then never fear, because the Drakensberg still has something on offer for you…

From quad bike tours, to mountain biking, scooter excursions, electric bikes and amazing 4×4 trails – the area around Treks, Trips and Trails has something for lovers of wheels! Here are just a few of our favourites:

4×4 tours in the Drakensberg

Treks, Trips and Trails are specialists in providing personalised experiences through Southern Africa and while the Drakensberg has many a 4×4 route to discover, these are best done with our guides as we know just where to go. Travel off the beaten path and discover much more than just the famed Sani Pass as we take you to the back and beyond 4×4 trails on hidden mountain passes and ancient historical sites.

Mountain biking in the Drakensberg

Discover some of the best single tracks in the world in the Drakensberg. The area is a hot spot for endurance mountain biking events and with tracks for all levels, you are bound to find something you can enjoy. There is even the option to hire an electric bicycle and ride the Cathkin Mountain Bike Trails through a guided tour. Discover the gems of the Champagne Valley at your own pace.

Scoo-tour the Valley

Located just down the road from Treks, Trips and Trails in the Central Drakensberg, Scootours offers a unique and fun way to discover the landscapes of the Berg. Your downhill adventure starts at the top of a nearby hill and sees you sliding through forests, fields and down rocky paths on a monster mountain scooter. Now that’s what we call fun!

Quad biking tours


Enjoy a guided tour through the natural landscapes of the Berg on a quad bike, taking in the view and learning how to dodge numerous obstacles along the way. A quad biking tour will also provide you with a different perspective of the Drakensberg as you travel into a local village. Choose your length – from 30 minutes to 3 hours or let the little ones take to a special quad bike track where they can learn how to drive their own quad.